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The Color of Magic

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              The Color of Magic by Terry Prachett is the first novel in a science fiction series about a far off world named Discworld. I’m pretty lucky because no one told me this book was going to be amazing so it had no hype to live up to. If you don’t like the idea of a flat world resting on the back of four elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle this is not the book for you. This isn’t one of those books where you can skim whole paragraphs because if you try that suddenly you’re in a completely different part of the world with no idea as to how you got there. Hell, sometimes if you don’t skim you still just end up somewhere with no idea as to why or how that happened. The book isn’t one whole story but more of a collection of four short stories. At times this does cause the book to feel jumpy and confusing.

I didn’t hate nor did I particularly like the main characters, Rincewind, a failed wizard, and Twoflower, a tourist. Twoflower bumbles around being excited by everything meanwhile, Rincewind follows him around trying to keep Twoflower from getting himself killed. My two favorite characters were Death and the Luggage. The Luggage is a magical chest that has the personality of a big, loyal, sloppy dog. If it ever gets separated from Twoflower, its master, it will run over anyone and anything in its path to get back to him, hilariousness ensues. Death randomly pops in and out to see if Rincewind is going to get out of whatever mess he’s in or if Death can finally take him. Whenever Rincewind does manage to survive Death is very put off and sulks, which an amusing image.

This book is funny, but it’s the kind of book that gets funnier the each time you read it. Knowing what I know now some of the jokes in the beginning are hilarious, but when I first read them weren’t even laugh out loud funny. This book series has a cult following and it’s easy to see why. Almost every review of this book I’ve read said that this is the weakest book in the series, so if this book doesn’t quite do it for you try another one before you completely give up on the Discworld universe.


Trigger Warnings:

No known triggers

happy pooh bear

Does it pass the Bechdel test?

Not even close. Unless I miscounted there are only a handful female characters in the entire book. They all have names but they never interact with one another. This book travels through  an entire world and we never have more than one female character in a scene at a time. That makes total sense…

yeah sure


Final Rating:

gold-star (1)gold-star (1)gold-star (1)


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