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The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

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 the heist

Ah a new series by Janet Evanovich, co-authored by Lee Goldberg. I’m happy to report that this series seems far more promising than Evanovich’s Lizzy & Diesel one. O’Hare, a FBI agent, has been chasing Fox, a con man, for years and she finally catches the bastard. But now O’Hare’s boss wants her to team up with Fox to catch a bad guy the FBI just can’t nab thanks to some pesky laws. Wackiness ensues as they try to put together a team that will help them catch their mark.

This book had the typical romantic male lead, Fox, totally overstepping his bounds. Fox likes to push O’Hare’s buttons, one way he does this is to Facebook stalk her sister and then talk to O’Hare about what he saw…because that’s not creepy. This isn’t written as a horror novel, it’s a romantic comedy so Facebook stalking is considered cute and endearing.

Don’t get me wrong creepy, stalker romantic lead aside this book is laugh out loud funny. This is why I keep coming back to Evanovich’s books. I am able to get past the semi-fleshed out characters, casual sexism, racism and misogyny because the books are stupid funny. None of these flaws are too blatant to drag you out of the book to vent on a social media site, but if you expected a book with Evanovich’s name on the cover to be sort of progressive sorry, you won’t find that here.  I always wonder what happened to Evanvich to be so obsessed with food and big breasted women, if anyone knows can you fill me in? One day, when I want to get trashed, I’m going to make a drinking game out how frequently she mentions food in a negative way and talks about her big breasted characters breasts.

O’Hare is supposed to be a top FBI agent and ex-Navy Seal but I have a hard time believing that. She seems fairly helpless and unable to adapt to changes quickly, although, she doesn’t shy away from a physically altercation. O’Hare has the same blind stubbornness as Stephanie Plum but is a lot better at rescuing herself.

I can’t read too many of Evanovich’s books too quickly or the fact that she has a standard blueprint for all of her books gets to me, but on the days when I need to laugh I don’t mind grabbing one of her books off my shelf.

Does it pass the Bechdel test?



No known

Final Rating:

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I’m back!!!

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Argh it’s been so long since I posted a review! I’m so sorry muffin’s! Between moving and the holidays I’ve been out straight. I was hoping that I would be able to get some reading/reviewing done before now but people actually wanted to see me over the holidays…weird right?

I’ve missed you all tons! Now time to bring on the reviews!

No new review this week!1!1!

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Did the world stop yesterday?!?! There was no new review!

“But it was Tuesday yesterday!” you say

I know, I know and I’m so sorry. I’m in the middle of moving and I haven’t even finished reading a book in the past week. Hopefully we’ll be back on schedule next week.

When will there be a new review?

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My current plan is to post every Tuesday at the bare minimum but it will probably be more frequent than that. If I am ever late, I didn’t forget it’s most likely my cat, Pumpkin’s fault. You may think that sounds unfair and kind of a cop out  but you don’t know my cat. He’s pretty much a giant asshole, I love him but he’s an asshole. Look at this

my cat is an asshole


He’s just hanging out doing his cat thing on my laptop. Why don’t I just move him? Good question, depending on both of our moods there it could be one of several reasons

  1. He looks really happy
  2. He’s so proud that he’s purring loud enough that I can hear him in the next room
  3. He tries to bite me if I try to move him
  4. He bites and kicks me when I try to move him
  5. I have moved him off a dozen times and he just keeps climbing back on