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No new review this week!1!1!

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Did the world stop yesterday?!?! There was no new review!

“But it was Tuesday yesterday!” you say

I know, I know and I’m so sorry. I’m in the middle of moving and I haven’t even finished reading a book in the past week. Hopefully we’ll be back on schedule next week.


When will there be a new review?

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My current plan is to post every Tuesday at the bare minimum but it will probably be more frequent than that. If I am ever late, I didn’t forget it’s most likely my cat, Pumpkin’s fault. You may think that sounds unfair and kind of a cop out ┬ábut you don’t know my cat. He’s pretty much a giant asshole, I love him but he’s an asshole. Look at this

my cat is an asshole


He’s just hanging out doing his cat thing on my laptop. Why don’t I just move him? Good question, depending on both of our moods there it could be one of several reasons

  1. He looks really happy
  2. He’s so proud that he’s purring loud enough that I can hear him in the next room
  3. He tries to bite me if I try to move him
  4. He bites and kicks me when I try to move him
  5. I have moved him off a dozen times and he just keeps climbing back on




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This blog is to keep track of the books I’ve read and reviews I write about them. Included in these reviews will be a list of trigger warnings. If there is ever a book I review that is missing a trigger warning let me know. I’ll also be keep track of what books pass the Bechdel test.