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Manor of Secrets

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manor of secrets

The Manor of Secrets more like the manor of inconsistent characters and spoiled heiresses. I can see where Longshore was trying to go with this but it was poorly executed. I spent most of the book rolling my eyes and waiting for it to be over.

I think we were supposed to like the main character, Lady Charlotte, but I had a hard time considering I wanted to smack her for most of it. She is completely unaware of the position of power she has and how the affects how she is treated by her staff. She “makes friends” with one of the kitchen girls, Janie but regularly asks her to take risks that could cause her to lose her job. Charlotte who has spent her whole life ignoring the staff suddenly decided that they she should venture downstairs and turn the whole social dynamic on its head. Of course she’s not doing this to better the lives of her staff, nope she’s doing it because she wants adventure.

The book claims that the Manor is full of secrets but it really has one that you can figure out fairly early on. The pace and the lack of mystery make the story drag. On top of that characters change depending on what Longshore wants to happen in the story. It was beyond frustrating to see a character stand up for themselves on one page and on the next cower and cry.

The book has a very campy feel to it. And there’s a poorly written tacky love triangle. We all know how much I love, love triangles…. So not only is there a love triangle but it’s written with an attempt to be dramatic and just comes off as ridiculous.


No one no matter how awful they seem are actually awful. By the end of the book any and all transgressions are forgiven and everyone is BFF’s. *gag*

Does it pass the Bechdel test?


Trigger Warnings:

No known

Final Rating:

gold-star (1)